Firefly season 2 available for download on iTunes Music Store?


It could happen!  According to Mac OS Ken, a crusade is underway to bring this fantastic series back for a second season and to make it available for download or directly on DVD.  Fans worldwide were really disappointed when the show came to an end after just one season.  Thankfully it made a return in the form of a full length film titled “Serenity” recently (although we were disappointed to learn it went straight to DVD here in South Africa).  Anyway, here is the actual story:

I told you yesterday about a couple of analysts who say TV shows can generate more money per viewer for networks through digital download than through traditional ad driven broadcasts… but what about a show without a network?

Hope springs eternal for fans of Firefly… reports on one man’s crusade to bring the show back from the dead… for digital download and DVD sales.

Entrepreneur Ace Underhill – and yes… that is said to be his real name – has said he’s trying to acquire the rights to the Sci Fi franchise to produce a second season to be distributed in alternative media.

One possible hitch… Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon says… he’s never heard of the guy.

Underhill says he has contacted Whedon’s representatives, as well as executives at 20th Century Fox Televison, which owns the TV rights to the show… though he has not spoke to Whedon directly.

Underhill says at this point, the chance of a second season is a long shot, but the chance exists… and he plans to be in it for the long haul.

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