New South African blog worth adding to your list

I was flip floppin’ around the blogosphere earlier and I stumbled across a post by Martin over at (one of my fav bloggers) about a new South African blogger, Mark Forrester.  I love Mark’s design.  Very clean and striking.  I have only read a couple of his posts and I have enjoyed them all.  Mark says:

I’m inspired by people who think big, people who think out of the box, and people who never let an obstacle get in their way. I believe the glass is half full. 

I enjoy a social beer with friends, a walk on the beach or a surf in the sea, rugby and biltong, fast cars and new technologies. So i guess I am your typical male specimen. But read my blog and find out why i am different and what makes me tick …

Thanks Mark, I think I’ll do that.

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