Superman Returns teaser trailer available!

Superman_and_lois_superman_returnsI know I am a little late with this news but those of you who don’t know yet, the teaser trailer for "Superman Returns" has been released on the web.  To view the trailer now, click here!  For more options rush over to Blue Tights for different formats and sizes right away.

This is a pretty exciting day for me.  The movie looks awesome and the effects look even better than "Smallville".  At the same time, judging from the photo’s available for download from the official site, there has been a concerted effort to stick to many of the elements from the original movies and not shift to a revised story line like that used in "Smallville".  Aside from my wedding early next year, this is going to be one of the major events of my year!

I discovered another preview of the movie that seems to be an example of really brilliant fan art.  This trailer features some more footage that was made available previously (presumably through Blue Tights or something like that) and is really good quality stuff.  To view this alternative ‘trailer’, click here!


I have battled to download the real teaser trailer even though I have a registered version of Quicktime so if anyone has been able to download a version of the teaser trailer that is fairly big, please let me know how I can get it too.

(via The Movie Blog)

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