Telkom’s ADSL prices dropped

ITWeb has reported that Telkom has reduced its prices for its ADSL offerings. There has been a mixed response to the price decreases as you might imagine given what came out in the recent ICASA hearings:

Telkom has announced further reductions in the cost of its ADSL offerings as of 1 August, with prices dropping between 18% and 31%, dependent on the product.

According to Telkom media relations specialist, Xolisa Vapi, the company’s HomeDSL 192 service will be reduced from R329 per month to R270, while the 384Kbps offering will come down from R449 to R359.

“The HomeDSL 512 and BusinessDSL 512 super-fast ADSL products – currently priced at R599 and R699 per month respectively – will be reduced to R477 a month,?? says Vapi.

While any price decrease is welcome, Telkom still hasn’t addressed the concerns raised by MyADSL’s Rudolph Muller:

Rudolph Muller, founder of the myADSL Web site, says that while welcoming the reductions, he does not believe the timing of these announcements is random, as the regulator is shortly due to release its findings from the recent ADSL hearings.

“We are happy about the price drop and we do feel that it’s about time that this happened, but MyADSL still has an issue over the cost of a line rental from the monopoly, and feel this is something that should be dropped completely,?? says Muller.

I think there is a lot of truth in what he says and I am curious to see what ICASA will do when it announces its findings in due course. For my part, I am still using my 56Kbps dialup and whatever my mobile phone manages to spit out. For now that is perfectly adequate for my purposes. Of course when someone can provide a true broadband connection and a lower overall cost than my current setup, I’ll be signed up in a flash. Somehow I suspect I’ll be waiting for a little while still.

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