The Revenge of the Sith – the epic comes to a close

Rots_posterWe saw Star Trek III: Revenge of the Sith the other day and for many reasons it was a strange movie to watch.  One of these reasons is that we all knew what the ending was.  After all, this is the missing piece between the controversial Episode II (Attack of the Clones) and the original and classic Episode IV (A New Hope).  I don’t remember seeing Episode IV when it came out (I was a little young) but I do have a faint memory of seeing Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back) with its scenes on the icy planet.

In all I enjoyed Revenge of the Sith.  I was expecting it to have more of an impact and when I mentioned this to my brother he asked what more I expected.  He had a point, this movie had everything: brilliant space battles; intense lightsaber duels; humour and drama.  I think I spent too much time waiting for the story to unfold and for the dreadful moment when Anakin turned to the Dark Side that I forgot to simply watch and absorb the movie.  Fortunately we are going again this evening with a group of friends to watch it again.

The movie felt like a cross between Episode II with its slower drama and the action of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and, in the process, seems to have achieved its goal as a bridge between the two parts of the epic.  My favourite scenes were the battles scenes and, paradoxically, Yoda’s brief discussion about the characteristics of the Force in his conversation with Anakin.  This slant on the Force seems to incorporate many elements of Buddhism, for example the notion of detachment.

One of the key scenes was the emergence of Darth Vader in his familiar black suit.  There are a couple well placed (if not slightly obvious) pauses which work pretty well and take us right back to the original trilogy.

In all this was definitely worth seeing and I am already looking forward to the box set of the first three episodes to complement the box set of the original trilogy.

If you are interested in movie trivia, check out IMDB for some interesting trivia about the Star Wars movies.

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