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If you are one of the few people on the Web who have not heard of podcasting then it is worth your while taking a look at Quixtar Blog’s "Blogging 101 – Podcasting".  I have seen this phenomenon take off and become the next talked about thing since blogging in a matter of a month or two.  It took off so quickly I began to wonder if its fans had forgotten blogging already!

The latest buzz in the Blog Realm (and everywhere else it seems) is something called "podcasting." The term "podcasting
is "a portmanteau of the words iPod and broadcasting." The primary goal
of podcasting is to make audio (broadcasting) portable by automatically
downloading programs onto mp3 players like the iPod. Four Minutes About Podcasting
is a video that gives a brief overview of the technology, how it works
and why it’s so much fun. However, as the video points out, you don’t
really need a portable device to join the podcasting revolution, you
simply need an internet connection, some podcasting software and a
computer that plays mp3 files (all of them do).

I haven’t really joined in on this one just yet for two reasons: I don’t own a portable mp3 player (if anyone wants to donate an iPod, that would be fantastic) and I don’t have a broadband connection to make it worthwhile to download and listen to the podcasts on my PC. 

If you have either or both of those or just a lot of patience for loads of big downloads, then join the evolution!

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