Why Speedle died

G and I are huge fans of the CSI franchise and we have watched just about every episode shown here.  The most recent episode was the first episode of the third season of CSI: Miami and it ended with the funeral of one of the main characters, Tim Speedle (played by Rory Cochrane).  Speedle was one of my favourite characters in the show (actually, I like them all) and it was really disappointing to see him killed off.  Determined to find out why he was killed off, I found a post published last year in September on CSI Files.  Here is an extract from an interview with Cochrane:

CSI Files: So, the question that’s on everyone’s mind right now is, why did you decide to leave CSI: Miami?

Rory Cochrane: Doing a one-hour drama is very long. I’m
originally from New York and my family’s back here, and a lot of my
friends. I felt [the show] was never-ending and the grind was a lot.
It’s nice being on a hit show and the viewers are very supportive, but
I couldn’t really take it anymore.

It’s hard to sit there and complain when the pay is good and
most people make what we make in an episode, in a year. It wasn’t a
money thing. I didn’t like someone having control of my life for most
of the year.

CSI Files: Were you happy with the way your character, Tim Speedle, was written out?

Cochrane: No, I actually thought it was pretty lame to be honest with you. They have all these creative ways that people die [in Miami].
A main character on the show–I thought they could have come up with
something a little more imaginative. Getting shot–anybody can think of

CSI Files: Did you have any ideas that you suggested to the writers about how to write your character out?

Cochrane: I suggested something to them. I forgot what it
was, but it got shot down. It was like I’m the one who wants to leave,
so I couldn’t really ask.

And I was like, "Can I at least get to shoot somebody?" And they’re like, "nope."

CSI Files: What do you think about Speedle’s failure to clean his gun?

Cochrane: I gotta be honest with you, I thought it was totally lame, but what can you do? It’s not up to me.

CSI Files: Did Speedle ever fire a successful shot?

Cochrane: No. Never.

I guess that answers that …


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