Mac OS X Tiger (grrr)

Indextitle20050412_1I have just taken a look at some of the features in the much anticipated Mac OS X Tiger which is due for release later this month.  What a sexy OS!  Don’t get me wrong, I like Windows XP (not always, last night was one of those nights I was tempted to toss my faithful PC out the window) but I have always had a soft mushy spot for Apple’s OS X.

I took a few minutes looking at some of the features (including Mail, iSync, iCal and Automator) and those are just some of the less exciting aspects of this amazing OS.  Right about now I can almost feel Mac users around the world rolling their eyes while reading my excited babbling thinking "we coulda told you this ages ago".  It is an awesome OS which runs on awesome machines.  Unfortunately it is also expensive compared to its more reviled cousin.  Just the same I am putting a Powerbook in my budget as soon as I can afford it.

What would be cool is if there was a tablet Powerbook.  Then it would be an ideal solution for me.  I am keen to get myself a tablet laptop as my next computer mainly because of its flexibility.  There are no signs of a tablet Powerbook, however, only rumours.  I imagine that Inkwell may be a precursor to such a machine though.  I look forward to seeing what happens on that front in the near future.






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