WordPress: preferred choice of free blogging platforms?

Ok, once again this post started out as a comment on ProBlogger on the post titled "WordPress 1.5 first impressions" and as I wrote it, it began to feel more like a post, so here it is.

As you know, my main blog runs on TypePad.  Because of certain difficulties mapping TypePad blogs to domains in the ‘co.za‘ namespace, I was forced to host the sites for my businesses with a hosting service provider.  My preferred platform for these sites is a blogging engine (either as a standalone or built into the existing site) so I took a look at the options available.  There are quite a few.

Some of the blogging engines (some of them are really better described as content management systems and are more comprehensive than their simpler cousins) I considered are WordPress, b2evolution, Mambo and Drupal.  All of these systems are open source and are just four of the many wonderful options available.

Ultimately I have decided to investigate WordPress 1.5 and Mambo more closely.  No particular reason except for the fact that I just like them both.  Mambo is pretty involved and is going to be my system of choice when I can afford to upgrade TherapistDirectory.co.za in due course.  As for that site and my other sites, I have (or will soon) set up basic WordPress blogs.

When I first started looking at WordPress, I saw it as a simplistic piece of software and only really fit for simple sites.  I soon realised that my own ignorance was limiting me and my view of what could be achieved with WordPress.  I have now come to see WordPress as a remarkably flexible tool which can be used to create amazing sites that go way beyond what you would expect to see on a simple blog.

I am really excited about using WordPress for my business sites and I look forward to learning enough html/php/relevant skills to create something really cool.  It might just take a while though.  😉






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