Cross-continental collaboration

I have mentioned Martin’s blog over at d2 redefined before.  Well, it turns out that Martin has been invited to publish his posts on/in (?) cph127, a design and innovation blog run by a group of pretty smart guys based in Denmark (Rich at "Hello_World" sets out the lead up to Martin’s post far better than I have).  So just what is cph127 about?

This is a brand spanking new blog about the major influence of design as a motor for innovation, and like wise the other way around. We are neither 100% design-focused nor are we 100% business-focused.

Our team consists designers, MBAs, dot-com entreprenours and all the other folks you would never expect to be on this kind of blog. Welcome aboard – we are about to take off!

I think what I am getting at is really a big "congrats" to Martin for this step across the continental divide.  Just shows you how your posts on your humble blog can help you reach bigger and better audiences (and who knows what that could do for business!).

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