Sin City with much anticipation

Sincityposter_1I heard some reference to the Sin City movie a while ago and didn’t pay it much attention.  I have never read the comics/graphic novels.  I saw the trailer for the movie playing on some computers in the window of a shop a couple weeks ago and I was captivated by the cast, the sets and the fact that most of the movie appears to be in black and white.  So while I download the trailer, I’ll tell you about some thoughts on the movie from the blogosphere (the movie isn’t here yet).

Frozen Toothpaste has a review of the movie which can probably be summed up with the following:

the first thing you notice sitting in the theater is the look of the
film. its amazing. it’s almost completely black and white. certain
aspects are colored from time to time. mostly for emphasis. and can
only guess that this mirrors the look of the novel. i really wish i
knew more about it. the important thing is that its the most stunning
look i’ve seen in a movie in a long time. probably ever.

Jeremy Wright also saw the movie and he seems to have been impressed with what he saw even though he wasn’t in the mood for a comic book.

It was, really, an incredibly stylish movie.
It’s mainly in black of white, with just enough colour to really throw
you off. I found myself gasping at times with how shocking it was. Like
the yellow guy. Who’s yellow blood goes flying everywhere in an oily
texture type of way when his car crashes. Beyond that though, it was
the most stylish movie I’ve ever seen. More so than Crouching Tiger,
and more so than those stupid Kill Bill movies.

It was drop dead gorgeous.

The script was alright. The acting played straight into the comic book mindset.

problem is that it’s really 3 movies all slashed together into one. 3
distinct stories. That don’t really connect at all, except in the most
cursory way.

I didn’t enjoy the 3 stories at all. I mean, I
loved the stories themselves, but it felt like the movie had 4 endings.
And everytime I got emotionally into a story it’d end abruptly.
Sometimes rudely. And it left a lot unexplained.

All of this is just like an old school comic book. Which perhaps makes this the best comic book movie ever

I am looking forward to this one.






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