Eris revisited

I revisited Eris’ site at Martin’s most welcome prompting and discovered the treasure I suspected lay waiting for me in this beautiful blog.  I started with three posts Martin recommended to me.  They are:

Of the three, I enjoyed Binary Roots the most.  One of the things Eris speaks about in this post is the sense that we must be virtually plugged in just to attempt to stay current on what is going on in the world.

I’m out my door by 7am with a general sense of what’s going on in
the world. I have half an hour of silence, because that is what I love
about the morning. Then I’m at this office. I get my first cup of
coffee, I read the Wall Street Journal, I check my feeds, I check the
email here. I constantly consume.

And why? Because by the
time I wake up in the morning, I’m already behind with what’s going on
around me. Information moves so fast. I don’t think any sane person
would even try to keep up. But, if you blink, you miss it.

This is just one part of one post.  I am definitely going to pay more attention to this blog.

Sometimes I wish for a Tablet PC or a portable news reader of some kind just so I can be as close to "current" as is possible.  Contrasted with that is my growing need to truly adopt and integrate some of the guiding principles of Buddhism (current flavour is Zen Buddhism) and, in the process, bring my complete awareness to the things that really matter more, such as the sounds of nature outside my window and the time I have with the woman who will become my wife.

And yet, ironically, here I am blogging while she reads a book in the bedroom next door.  So, with that, I am off to join her.






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