ProBlogger is on fire!

Darren Rowse, the informative and helpful ProBlogger, is back from his Easter holiday with many many gems to share.  One post which I am going to investigate further refers to Blogaholics and the series on blogging for business.

I also noticed a post which asks whether full feeds are killing comments:

Tris writes a good post
that wonders if publishing full post feeds in RSS might be responsible
for killing comments on posts as a result of less people actually
surfing into actual blogs. Interesting theory – pop over and tell Tris
what you think of his theory.

I think Tris has a point, to a degree.  For myself, I don’t have a lot of time online (except on weekends when it is cheaper) so I tend to download all my feeds and read offline.  It is a little off-putting when the feeds are only partial because I have to flag the post for follow-up and wait till I am online again before reading the full post and even then I have dozens of other posts to follow-up in such limited time.  See what I mean?






What do you think?

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