d2 redefined

I don’t remember when I added the d2 redefined blog to my NewsGator feeds.  I have been working to get through the majority of the feeds I have subscribed to and thoroughly enjoyed reading Martin’s posts.  In addition, his site must be one of the coolest sites I have ever seen!

I have flagged some of his excellent posts.  Here is my list, this is definitely a blog worth adding to your bookmarks and feeds:

Here is an extract from "Soul – does it matter?":

I’m very close to stepping away from what I initially thought would
be a very lucrative international client, simply because they’re not
getting what I’m trying to say. A part of me says "make them happy,
give them what they want, and earn the income, that’s what you’re in
business for", and another part says "that’s not where it’s at".

It’s very difficult. I mean, not-being-able-to-sleep-at-night
difficult. We have people that work for us now, and we owe it to them
to bring in the money. It’s their livelihood, and I can’t take that
lightly. But it’s also about what’s right. What the client is getting
now is what they want, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near
what they could be getting if they left it to me to be the expert that
they’re paying me to be. Actually, I’m not even really charging them
for the expert part of the equation (because I’m nice, you see), and
maybe that’s where the problem lies…

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