Are some more human than others?

2088I watched a shocking story on Carte Blanche tonight about a man who was placed in charge of the UN Peacekeepers in Rwanda about a decade ago,
Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire.  This retired general told how the UN failed to commit sufficient resources to stop the massive genocide that took place in Rwanda all those years ago (and how the UN is failing the people of Darfur in Sudan today) because, in his view, Africa has no strategic value to the developed West.

Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire speaking to Rwandans: “The world is
ruled by a belief that will permit other genocides. The superpowers had
no interest in you. In Yugoslavia, it’s different. It’s 400 years of
historic conflict between great religions of the world. It’s ethnic
cleansing. It’s European security. It’s whites. Rwanda is black. It’s
in the middle of Africa. It has no strategic value. And all that’s
there, they told me, are people, and there are too many anyway.??

The West has never seen Africa as much more than a playground and resource to be used and abused.  It shocks me to hear that the UN participates in this when it could be Africa’s best ally.






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