World on Fire

A while ago I came across a music video by Sarah McLachlan called "World on Fire".  The music video was available through the iTunes Music Store and I watched it mainly because there isn’t much else I can access from the iTunes Music Store because South Africa doesn’t have access to that content yet.  What struck me was the simplicity in her message.  She spent about $15 making her music video where it would normally have cost about $150 000 (I apologise if I have the figures wrong) and put the rest of the $150 000 to better use where it was needed.  It is amazing how much money is wasted in the production of a typical music video. 

Just one important thing: before blaming the music industry, it is important to remember that we, the consumers, created the need for expensive music videos.  If we change our demands, perhaps the music industry (and other wasteful industries) will do likewise and we will all be better off for it.

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