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I am a bit behind with most of the 80 feeds on my Newsgator (yes, I know that is light reading for most of you).  I am working through old Problogger posts and here are a couple interesting posts for you (thought it best to give you a summary rather than a bunch of separate posts).

First up, take a look at "The Wealthy Blogger", a site set up by Jeremy Wright of Ensight and a buddy of his.  The purpose of the blog appears to be to provide money management advice.  Always helpful advice!

The Wealthy Blogger is effectively a personal
money management blog from two guys who have a lot to say, but not a
lot of credentials behind them. Unless The School of Hard Knocks
qualifies. And, really, I think it does.

Next, Darren interviewed Paul Scrivens, the inspiring blogger behind the 9 Rules Network.  The whole interview is worth reading.  It inspires me to read stories like Scrivens’ and even Darren’s.  It also reinforces my own beliefs about blogging and doing what you are really passionate about.  Without that passion, that desire to jump out of bed on Monday morning to get to work, you just aren’t living your life fully.  Thanks for this one Darren!

I know it’s tired advice, but you really have to start with something you are passionate about. Focus on the content and the traffic and money will follow. Read, read, read. There are too many great resources out there to list and many folks are kind enough to share what has worked for them and what has not.

Darren also posted a fairly important post on the subject of people getting too carried away by the hype of blogging and the prospect of earning loads of dosh through ads and affiliate programs.  I think it is important to bear in mind that while it is possible to make blogging a career, treat it like any new business: carefully!  Be sensible, especially if you have very real commitments and people who depend on you!  If you are considering an exciting career as a professional blogger, read this post first.

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