Blogger, WordPress, TypePad and MovableType

I started blogging with Blogger late last year and I moved from there to TypePad in January. I have also started running a WordPress blog for my business and so far I am not thrilled with it (aside from the fact that it is a pretty cool piece of software as an option) mainly because, as a fairly green user, it doesn’t give me options like TypePad’s main and extended post windows (so my posts tend to take up too much space on the WordPress blog) or really well integrated WYSIWYG formatting options. I am starting work on a MovableType test with a view to replacing the WordPress blog if I can get MT working properly.

People rave about WordPress and I have seen some really well done sites which use WordPress but do green users like me have much of a hope of running something that looks so cool out the box? Is that an unrealistic expectation?

(This post was originally a comment on Problogger)

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