A few new (and not so new) finds

I found three interesting looking sites this morning.  The first is one I have visited before and I got a mail from the owner of that site so I thought I’d take another look.

Imgp1204_1The Coffee-Shop Schmuck is run by a local blogger and is basically a journal of his coffee-shop and other social discoveries and adventures.  His second last post of 4 March is about a restaurant I have been to a couple times called Piatto.  Quite a nice place.  It has quite a Mediterranean feel to it and is in the Nelson Mandela Square shopping centre.  The picture on the left there is a picture of the top part of a really huge statue of Nelson Mandela.  For those of you who don’t know, he was our first black president and a is a great man.  He was and is the catalyst for a two mammoth music concerts organised to raise money for the fight against AIDS under the banner of his prison number, 46664.

The next site is Zach Braff’s Garden State blog.  We saw a little about this movie last night and it looks really good.  I love watching Scrubs which Braff has directed and stars in.  I think he is brilliant!  Anyway, we are looking forward to watching the movie as soon as it comes out here.

The last site is really just a site Scoble mentioned so it is probably worth mentioning here too.  I haven’t spent much time on the site but check it out anyway.  It is called "English Cut".  The blog seems to belong to an English tailor.  Looks pretty interesting actually.

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