The Internet Explorer Team talks about IE and Standards

The team responsible for the development of Internet Explorer 7 (and previous versions) is talking quite openly about Internet Explorer and standards on the Web.  Apparently this is quite an open discussion from them.  I haven’t been tracking this blog and I have now added it to my subscriptions.

There is quite a bit of scepticism about their claims to be fully supporting standards such as CSS 1.  I do like their basic approach though:

Finally, I want you all to know that specific requests and descriptions
of problems in the field help us tremendously in prioritizing what we
need to do.  There is some great work that has been done in harvesting
the collective knowledge of the web development community, such as on quirksmode [edit: fixed link],, CSSVault, glish and Position Is Everything.
We pay a lot of attention to this kind of thoughtful insight into the
biggest problems web developers face today.  We’d like to encourage
those facing real-world problems with the IE platform to participate in
these kinds of efforts, so we can use this to help prioritize our
development.  By contrast, vague demands for open-ended “standards
support??, or requests for various standards that aren’t (yet, at least)
standards (there is no CSS3 standard yet, nor is XUL a
standard), don’t really help us drive our development very much.
Microsoft does respond to customer demand; web developers are our

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