Comm badges here we come

HububNow here is a gadget that ranks right up there on the ‘Cool Gadget’ scale.  we make money not art has published a post titled "Wearable hub for communications in the home" which looks remarkably like a round comm badge from Star Trek. This little device is intended to help you control your digital home:

The wearer can, for example, control the intercom system of a house,
communicate with a visitor standing at the front door and instruct the
master locking system to open the door. S/he can also accept phone
calls and conduct phone conversations over a loudspeaker. A connection
with an e-mail inbox on a PC is also envisioned. The voice recognition
software reads incoming e-mails and recites the text.

The program doesn’t have to be "trained" to recognize the user’s
voice. It can recognize 30,000 words, and predefined commands can be
spoken. Besides, the software recognizes semantically linked words from
longer sentences.

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