New Star Trek movie in 2007?

I was chatting to G last night as we caught the tail end of Star Trek: Nemesis about the possibility of a further Star Trek movie given the cancellation of Enterprise and how bad Nemesis was.  It turns out there may well be a further Star Trek movie in 2007.

Syfy Portal has reported that Star Trek 11 is in the works:

With Star Trek not pulling in the viewers and the
revenue as it once did, is Paramount still willing to keep the
Roddenberry torch burning?

Erik Jendresen thinks so. Name
doesn’t ring a bell? Soon it will, as he has been commissioned by
Paramount to write the 11th Star Trek film. And for the first time in
history, a new slate of characters, as well as a new cast, will be
introduced on the big screen. But that’s just the beginning of the new
Star Trek.

"I can certainly say that the story concept, the
basic idea of this thing, is pretty damn big," Jendresen recently told
SyFy Portal’s Michael Hinman. "It’s a noble enterprise, pun intended."

the sounds of it, Jendreson intends going back to the source in search
of the essence of Star Trek for this story which will take place after
the events of Enterprise (although it is not an Enterprise spinoff) and
a good century or more before James T Kirk is even born:

Reports of the next movie have it taking
place after the events of "Star Trek: Enterprise" and before the
adventures of James Kirk in the original "Star Trek" series. Jendresen
confirmed that the movie would take place more than a century before
Kirk, but acknowledged that it would not be an "Enterprise" spinoff.

he had only some passing knowledge of Star Trek in the past, Jendresen
said he really started to look into the heart of Roddenberry’s vision
to find the lost path of telling good science-fiction.

I am sure a lot will still change in the next year or so but it looks like Paramount is off to a good start.

(via eclecticism and Empire Online)


Michael at eclecticism
has taken a look at possible time frames for the new movie.  This is
the work of a real fan!  He bases his estimates of the time frame for
the new movie on Jendresen’s comment about the new movie taking place
160 years before Kirk’s birth.  Apparently this is not accurate.
Jendresen contacted Syfy Portal after the initial interview:

NOTE: Erik Jendresen contacted SyFy
Portal after the story published to say that he misspoke when giving
the 160-year figure in the above story. He said that was not an
accurate number.


There are rumours floating around on the Web about a new Star Trek movie, unofficially titled "Star Trek XI – The Beginning" which Tom Hanks may make an appearance in.  Another rumour is that all three captains will feature in this revision of an old script idea that didn’t make it into one of the episodes but Paramount is denying this one.  I am not so sure about this last idea.  A similar thing was done in "Generations" and a reprisal would be a little tired.  Speaking of tired, Patrick Stewart has said that although he has been approached to do a new "Next Generation" movie, he may be a little old when the time comes.  Those talks centered on a movie that may be filed in a couple years time.

Another interesting rumour is that "Superman Returns" director Bryan Singer would love to take a shot at a new Star Trek movie.  He is a known Star Trek fan and has mentioned that he would love to do a Star Trek movie.  If I remember correctly he even has a pretty cool idea for a movie himself:

Queer Trekkies (or Trekkers—it’s so hard for Romeo to know what’s correct in Deep Space) will be pleased with this bit of information. Openly gay director Bryan Singer (X-Men) is making noise about wanting to helm the next Star Trek movie. Now, before fans go jumping the gun and speculating on specifics, understand that there is no deal yet. There’s talk about a deal that may or may not take place. And the man is busy: He’s executive-producing a documentary about Superman before his own Superman Returns hits theaters, and he’s also working on Logan’s Run and The Mayor of Castro Street. But the in-demand filmmaker has recently expressed a marked interest in Trek via some off-the-cuff red carpet interviews. And when you’re hot in Hollywood, people tend to try to get you what you want. Romeo just wants some homo Enterprise crew members, for once.

Update 2:

The movie has been announced for 2008!

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