Firefox Doomed?

What happens when Microsoft unveils the beta version of Internet Explorer 7 later this year?  If they are true to form, Microsoft’s engineers are going to incorporate many of the features that have propelled Firefox to over 26 million downloads since November 2004 and into the hearts of those seeking a quality alternative to Microsoft’s relatively insecure browser.

A few professors at the Wharton Business School are in two minds

whether Firefox will continue to make serious inroads into Internet

Explorer’s market once IE 7 is released.  I suspect Microsoft will do

what they always do, take ideas incorporated into Firefox and build

them into IE 7, thereby addressing concerns about Internet Explorer and

securing a large portion of their user base.  The only way Firefox can

really thrive in this new environment is if the good developers who

have built and will continue to build Firefox continue to innovate and

pursue new avenues.  Microsoft is still a good year or two behind at

the best of times.

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    IE7 sux!

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    IE7 sux!

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    IE7 sux!

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    IE7 sux!

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