Off to Australia

The last few days, today in particular, have been pretty tough.  My younger sister is moving to Melbourne, Australia, with her husband.  This has been coming for a while and I still remember putting the reminder in my phone for today a while ago, thinking that there was still some time to go.  That time has really gone by so fast!

I was not a fan of their decision to leave South Africa for Australia and I am still not too keen on it mainly because I will lose the face to face relationship.  My reasons are mostly selfish, I know, but they are there nonetheless.  Fortunately she is married to a good man who will look after her.  His brothers are in Melbourne already and she has a couple friends there with another joining her in the next month or so.  I wish her and her husband well and anyone else taking the plunge too!  As for me, I’ll be staying put for a while still.






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