Holocaust denier expelled from Canada

The BBC has reported that the Holocaust denier, Ernst Zundel, has been extradited to Germany to face charges for violating a German law against denying the Holocaust.

It took Canadian authorities two years to establish
whether Zundel, who authored a book called "The Hitler we loved and
why", posed a security threat.

During that time, he was being held in near-solitary confinement.

Denying the Holocaust is a crime in Germany, where Zundel’s theories could be easily accessed and read through the Internet.

This enabled authorities there to open a case against him.

Zundel, who was born in Germany, moved to Canada in the late 1950s.

What is particularly interesting is the basis for Canada’s expulsion of Zundel:

Zundel once described Adolf Hitler as a "decent and very peaceful man".

Last week, a Federal Court judge ruled the his
anti-Semitic and hatred-inciting activities were "not only a threat to
Canada’s national security, but also a threat to the international
community of nations".






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