Boobjobs for Prom

iBeth’s post titled "Boobs for Prom" reminded me of this recent phenomenon in teenage life.  It still blows my mind:

My friend at Peregrine’s Pen has a mom who teaches in a local high school.  The mom reports that the latest trend among high school girls in our area is . . . boob jobs. 

Yes, girls want large breasts for prom, so their families are
scheduling the surgeries now (so those distended globes will be ready
to display come prom day).  And if that weren’t nauseating enough,
apparently if the girl’s family can’t afford it, sometimes the boyfriend’s family will pay for the surgery. 

You have got to be kidding!  These are still children and they are going for cosmetic surgery so they fill out their prom dresses!?  Has cosmetic surgery become so commonplace and have parents become so blase about their children’s health?  What happened to this type of surgery only being used as a necessity or as an indulgence for mature women?

This touches on an even deeper issue.  Is there no sense of self-acceptance?  What about the value of the inner self and refusing to be defined by one’s physical appearance?  Are we going to look back at this generation and call them the ‘Britney’ generation?

I believe that parents who let girls go ahead with surgery just to fill out prom dresses are being irresponsible and should revisit the values they have passed to their kids.  That is just my view.

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