Connected To All Things

I found this on Moleskinerie and wasn’t able to locate the original blog it came from.  The link to the blog at the bottom of the post doesn’t appear to be valid anymore.  I think it is a wonderful reminder to me of how to remember my connection to all things in this Universe:

Should I Stay or Should I Go?


"To rediscover this sense of connection with the world is easier
than one might imagine. You can do it anywhere, any time. Just open
your eyes, look around you, and try to feel what is around you. If you
open up your heart and allow what you might normally think of as
“inanimate?? (notice the insistence of not having spirit that our
language has instilled in us… a vocabulary that does not exist in most
Asian languages) to generate a kind of presence, strangely it
immediately comes alive and occupies a undeniable place in your sense
of the whole. If you take a step further and inject the idea of a deity
into that object, suddenly it is more than just an item; it is alive,
and has a name. The more “items?? you inject with spirit the richer the
world around you grows, and the more imbued with meaning it all grows
into. The world suddenly blossoms with presences, with a great richness
of meaning in which you no longer feel alone… as Duncan calls “the
sphere of eyes??.

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