The Colour Bar

Colour_bar_5Last night was an experience.  G and I went off to a relatively new restaurant called "The Colour Bar".  It is part of a very funky complex called "The Mills" in Newtown.  There was an article on this development in August 2004 in the Sunday Times.  This is a little bit of what they had to say:

Downtown is Funkytown. Yet another extension to Newtown has developed into a hot spot for trendoids.


The Fuel Café, a martini lounge by night, coffee bar by day, is
the latest just-out-of Newtown hangout that’s become a favourite
weekend nightspot.


The club is located in the newly renovated Premier Milling building, which was ravaged by fire in December.


Known as The Mills, the landmark building, on the corner of Carr
and Quinn streets, has extended Newtown’s party zone to the
less-frequented parts of the area.

On the other side of the city, Milpark, which has become another trendy
hangout with spots like the Colour Bar at 44 Stanley Avenue, is to be
bolstered with a fashionable development at the old gasworks nearby.

There hasn’t been much else about The Colour Bar except for a mention in the "Coffee-Shop Schmuck" who seemed to be a little more focussed on this girl, Jeanette’s, breasts.

I took a couple pictures with my trusty phone to give you an idea what the place is like at night.

Colour_bar_3_1This one gives you an idea what the atmosphere is like at night.  This is the entrance into the bar/dance floor.  There is a pretty impressive cocktail menu and while I didn’t have it, there is one called a Mkhaya Ntini or something like that (a reference to one of our cricket players) and it is an amazing cocktail.

G tells me the semi-sweet wine is pretty good too!

Colour_bar_1_1The restaurant is outside and I can imagine that it is a perfect spot to spend a Sunday afternoon drinking coffee, eating cake and chatting about whatever it is that people chat about on lazy Sunday afternoons.  It is a pretty funky Saturday evening spot too and it if wasn’t so chilly last night it would have been even better.  The menu is quite varied and the food they prepare is very tasty.  I has a haloumi crostini starter and G had these Vietnamese wraps with something inside (don’t remember what that was actually).  Both were really good.  My main course consisted of a chicken burger with potato wedges and a pesto mayo sauce.  Excellent!  G had a chicken breast with mash (her favourite) and the mash was really good.

Colour_bar_tattoo_1This guy sat at the table with us.  I noticed this tattoo on his arm (both his arms are covered with tattoos).  Take a good look (you may want to click on the image to see a larger version).  Very interesting tattoo to have there.  I didn’t see what was under his sleeve – I didn’t ask to see more.  The tattoos are really intricate and well done.  Impressive stuff.

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