Wil Wheaton

I have mentioned his blog before and, reading his latest post, I have a couple thoughts about the man himself.  At least my perception of him.  I haven’t gone back into his archives to catch up on all that he has written (I am reserving those ambitious projects for when I have time to spend a day online) just yet and at the same time just reading his posts about what goes on in his life (dealing with Sketch’s illness and his triumph in being cast for CSI) what comes to mind is that this guy is a really grounded and good person.

Pick any post and you see a real person coming through.  He isn’t afraid to tell us when he cried and when he laughed.  He tells us, his readers, what goes on in his mind and heart and I, just one of the many who read his blog, really appreciate that honesty in a blog.  He is an example to me how to blog and live my life.

Thanks Wil.







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