What a day!

Today has been a tough one, as my days go.  I started off with the intention of getting through a backlog on my to-do list (which has been growing steadily this last week) and even got off to a good start. 

Then I printed an email exchange with one of the partners who instructed me to recover some amounts owing from a client and that email exchange contained a mention that I had been delayed in that case because of certain typing delays.  My secretary read the email and barged into my office brandishing this email going on about how insulted and demeaned she was by it.  That lead to a meeting with the partner I ‘share’ her with, tears and me feeling like I had just been tossed about in a storm.  The end result was that we decided to move my typing away from her so her workload would be more manageable for her.  I decided to do my typing myself or farm it out to other secretaries in the firm.

Although we seem to have sorted that one out, it threw me out for the day.  In addition, I have been working on a couple of these debt collection cases (which are not billable and are just as time consuming) and I have barely made a dent in my to-do list.  So now my timesheet is just about empty and I really don’t feel like doing any more work today.


I also haven’t been going to gym nearly as much as I should be and I am not looking forward to that this afternoon even though I have to go today.  If I don’t, I just know I will start to slack off badly and waste the membership I have.

Anyway, this is my bitch and moan session for the week.

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