The beautiful agony

Now here is an interesting site.  I am not too sure what I think of it just yet.  It is called "Beautiful Agony" and seems to be a collection of videos of people’s faces as they climax.  To experience the full splendour of the site you have to subscribe but there is at least one free video you can download and sample.  The image below should give you a pretty good idea what you could see on the site:

Update:  I downloaded the free video from the website and watched all 4 minutes or so of it.  There is a comment on the site somewhere that this is not a porn site and I think that is correct.  The videos are of people masturbating but you don’t see much more than their faces.  All the rest is left to your imagination as you watch, almost captivated, as the person approaches climax and goes over the edge.  Very erotic stuff!

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