We’re engaged!

The two of us at our engagement party

Yesterday I mentioned that there was something in my life to be very happy about and this is it.  After a mere 15 months or so together, G and I are engaged to be married early next year.  We are both very excited about this and I am thrilled to have such a beautiful and loving woman as my fiancee and look forward to her becoming my wife.

I wrote the following before I gave her the ring (more on both of these two items below):

May I be a loving husband;
May I be a loyal friend;
May I be a gentle lover;
May I love her well.

In this ever changing world, are there greater gifts a man can give to his wife?

Ok, I am sure that many of you are interested in how I proposed to G yesterday afternoon.  Firstly, it was not a surprise to her that we are going to marry, we had been speaking about it for a little while now.  We went to pick out the ring last at a great jeweller’s shop called Sidersky Jewellers.  We were told that our jeweller would have the ring ready within 10 working days and if we were nice to him he would have it ready by this Saturday.  A couple days ago he informed me that the ring would be ready on Wednesday or Thursday.  I was able to pick up the ring on Thursday afternoon (yesterday).  I picked a very nice bunch of flowers on the way home and started to set everything up for G before she arrived home:

  • I set my DVD player to play a cover of Cindy Lauper’s “Time After Time”, one of G’s favourite songs;
  • I left a note on the floor by the front door instructing her to put everything down there and to go to the coffee table in the lounge;
  • Another note on the coffee table instructed G to press ‘play’ and to open a card I left for her;
  • I was waiting in the next room and when I heard the music playing I came into the room and kissed her;
  • As she was reading the card, I gave her the ring.

I still have something up my sleeve and won’t tell you about that now for obvious reasons.  We are both very very excited and I still don’t think this has really sunk in just yet.

For those looking for a picture of her very beautiful ring, I created a collage with Picasa2: Update: This collage is currently MIA so here is a photo of the ring itself instead:

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