Wildchild – being a lesbian!

My friend, Wildchild, is a lesbian living in the Western Cape province.  Anyway, I visited her blog to see what has been happening in her life and found this post about being a lesbian.  This is something I know very little about and I suspect half of that is rooted in male fantasies about girl on girl sex and very little truth.

This makes for very interesting reading for boys and girls alike:

I thought after reading the blog by "fishy tales" I would dispense some real live lesbian knowledge to him and and all.
he is right we do have a bad rap, we do have the raw end of the deal
and its not because we dont "PUT OURSELVES OUT THERE" as he put it but
because we "ARE OUT THERE!"

In terms of gay men – although most
of my friends are gay men – alot of gay men cant stand lesbians, the
older gay men dont even like women and the younger queens think that
they are more women than us sista’s (of course some of them are :/ )

am more afraid of telling a straight woman that I would like to get to
know on a personal non-sexual level, that I am gay. They seem to think
that you want to jump straight into bed (excuse the pun) with them or
you will take them into a dark corner and seduce them and have images
of even rape.

that a women flirts very subtly, there are those that dont and those
that dont respect that you are straight think that they can change your
mind by giving you some wine BUT in GENERAL most of us are harmless,
shy and really JUST WANT TO BE FRIENDS!
if a gay woman flirts with a straight woman she should consider it a compliment in the highest form. We are fussier than men!
women look at other things such as eyes, smile, face, intelligence etc
we dont just look at your boobs and decide to hit on you! In fact if I
personally hit on a straight woman SHE WOULDNT EVEN KNOW IT!

As far as men go – I cant stand that fact that most men think (thanks
to porno) that women are their for their entertainment and that
lesbianism is to turn them on. Most of the so called "Lesbians" in the
movies are straight women who get paid.

I mean really do you see
these women enjoying themselves? have you ever looked into a woman’s
face as she orgasms when SHE IS enjoying herself?

I, myself do
have one or 2 straight male friends but I find that men in general DO
NOT respect a lesbian and I cant really be friends and trust them
without worrying about THAT look in their eyes!

And just to dispel a myth…gay men / lesbians do find the opposite sex attractive every now and again!

commentS to "fishy tales"
of course you dont mind that woman hit on your wife its a male fantasy,
what you would mind and this is in most of the cases THAT LESBIANS DO

2. Most straight women are threatened by lesbians or any women when in a relationship.

3. The reason straight men are cant handle gay men is that they wish that they could be as sexually open as a gay man can.

you should actually talk to a few lesbians and ask them what they
think, ever picked up a lesbian book other than porno, ever watched a
lesbian movie other than erotica? Maybe you should educate yourself!?

the reason we are not publisied is because this is ultimatly a mans
world, even gay men earn more than gay women and its not because they
are gay its because they are men! So go figure!

Well that clears that up!






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