Wet, lazy Friday

It has been raining pretty much since last night.  They sky has been grey and the temperature pretty cool all day.  I can’t say today is my best day ever, work-wise.  My day centres on my timesheets and how much time I am billing.  I am so used to working like this that sometimes when I am working on my own projects at home, I find myself reaching for a timesheet after I send an email or finish a document.  I have a couple files on my desk to work on and the first job is going to be a bit of a bigger job than the others so I am posting this as another way to put it off.  🙂

I decided to see what would be at the other end of a "I’m feeling lucky" search on Google so I ran a search on "wet, cool Friday" and I got this article about how 2004 was one of New Mexico’s wettest years in the past century.

It reminds me of how this summer is different to last year’s summer.  I remember back in the old days (about 15 to 20 years ago) when it used to storm every afternoon.  Those storms were spectacular with plenty of lightening and thunderstorms.  Last year was pretty dry with very little rain and temperatures soaring above the 35 degree (centigrade) mark.  Normally the temperatures here in Johannesburg are fairly temperate and are between 25 degrees and 30 degrees in summer.  It seems to be that the weather patterns are reverting back to the way they were in the ‘old days’.  I am thankful for that because we are going through such a drought in other parts of the country.  Cape Town, for example, has had almost no rain for months now.  Their rainy season is in our winter (May/June to July/August, I think) and they apparently didn’t receive much rain then.  There are severe water restrictions in place and the dams are at scary levels.

All in all, the rain today isn’t such a bad thing.  Besides, it is just a matter of time until the clouds part and make way for the glorious blue skies above them and the sunshine.  I love this city!!






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