350 000 speedsters trapped in Johannesburg

I came across this article which bears repeating.  It is scary how some people drive here and from what I understand about traffic enforcement in Europe and in the USA, this must come as a bit of a shock to readers from those parts of the world:

More than 350 000
speedsters trapped

AN astonishing 352 512 motorists were caught on camera speeding on
Joburg’s roads since the beginning of November. The worst offenders
face arrest.


January 21, 2005

By Thomas Thale

THE Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department says 352 512 motorists
were filmed on camera speeding on Joburg roads between 1 November 2004
and 16 January 2005.

  • 2 031 drivers were arrested at roadblocks for outstanding traffic warrants
  • 256 were arrested for drunken driving.
  • 2 382 unroadworthy taxis were issued with a discontinue note
  • 534 taxis were impounded for operating without permits.

Ten drivers exceeded 180km/h, and will be arrested shortly. Metro
Police spokesman Superintendent Wayne Minnaar says because there is no
provision of a fine for motorists who exceed 181km/h in a 120km/h zone,
those drivers must be arrested. "The maximum fine for doing 181km/h is
R1 500. Offenders who go beyond this must be apprehended and brought
before court."

Four of the worst speedsters, according to Minnaar, come from Lenasia in the south of Johannesburg.

The worst culprit is a BMW driver who was filmed travelling 227km/h on the N1 South near the Golden Highway onramp in Devland.

Another Lenasia speedster, driving a Toyota, was caught doing 194km/h
on the M1 South close to the Xavier onramp. And yet another Toyota
driver from Lenasia was also captured travelling at 194km/h on the N1
North near the 14th Avenue off ramp in Roodepoort.

Minnaar says during the same period, Metro Police stopped
163168 vehicles and searched 123 277 vehicles plus 2 493 buildings as
part of the ongoing Operation Token Days.

The number of informal traders who had their goods impounded for trading illegally in undesignated areas stands at 4 669. 

Another 933 suspects were arrested in connection with more serious
crime, including murder, robbery, rape, assault, robbery, theft,
housebreaking, possession of illegal substance and pointing a firearm.

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