Dial 0800-too-much-caffeine …

I had a good laugh earlier.  I was walking back from my preferred lunchtime hangout, a Seattle Coffee Company shop in an Exclusive Books store nearby, when I noticed one of their vans in the parking lot of the parking garage.  I snapped some photos of the back of the van.  Take a look, you’ll see why …

Image259_1The Seattle Coffee Company is our version of Starbucks and they are pretty much all positioned inside an Exclusive Books bookstore and that makes for many long lunches at a table with a drink of some description either reading a book, working (not ideal for work though) or just watching the pretty people walk past.

I have these fantasies of parking off there with a laptop (preferrably an Apple Powerbook) and working on my current and brilliant project while sipping chai lattes and chatting to the nice people who work there.  That will be my reality when I leave my current job and go do all the fabulous things I have in the pipeline.






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