Christmas comes early at Apple

I am sure I am not the only one who has seen what is going on at Apple.  I saw a link off Scobleizer to the Apple mini.  I checked it out and, my hat, it is a sexy little box!

Update:  Apparently these two little guys are going to arrive in South Africa in a month or two.  I am looking forward to seeing these two for real and to see how much they will cost here.  My heart is still set on an Apple Powerbook and a 40GB iPod.  One day, when I am a multi-millionaire media mogul …

This little wonder is just plain amazing!  You basically plug in your keyboard, mouse and monitor and off you go.  It is basically a portable CPU with a decent processor and hard-drive.  Then, just when I think I couldn’t be more impressed with those buggers at Apple, they also have a baby version of the iPod (and I am not talking about the iPod Mini either).  This little one is called the iPod shuffle and it is basically smaller and you just get to press play.  It pretty much shuffles and plays your stuff in some or other order.  Hence the name.

Anyway, here is the iPod shuffle:






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