Monday morning

Yup, Monday morning.  The beginning of working week 2 and I was greeted not by blue skies and warmth but by heavy grey clouds and a slight chill.  Just the same it is starting to warm up a bit – I have my air-con on in my office.  Even though I spent a chunk of time working yesterday afternoon, I actually felt quite rested when I woke up this morning (at least until I remembered I had to go to work at my day job).  Isn’t it interesting how you can spend hours working on something that really floats your boat and not feel tired at all and then spend the same amount of time doing work you don’t enjoy or are not really committed to and you feel drained.  It isn’t really the work you do that tired you out (not talking physically but emotionally) and more the energy dynamics that are involved.

It seems to me that when you do work you love and are passionate about, you draw on some inexhaustible supply of energy that fuels and energises you as you work.  When you aren’t passionate about that work, you don’t connect to that source and the energy you put into that work isn’t replenished as readily and it literally drains you.  I imagine there is also scope for plugging into that energy source even when you are doing work you are not passionate about.  That would involve you finding an aspect of that work that you are passionate about (perhaps the people you are working with as opposed to the work itself) and using that as your link.  Of course that would introduce a degree of passion to the work you were previously dispassionate about.

Any thoughts?

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