Relaxing weekend and sushi

It has been a relaxing weekend although you wouldn’t think it from a quick review of our activities.  Yesterday morning we went to visit G’s good friend Sam who had been in a motor vehicle accident earlier this week.  She has lacerations on her forehead and a couple gashes and is otherwise healing reasonably well.  We wound up visiting there for about 2 to 2 and a half hours.  From there we drove for about half an hour to the other side of Johannesburg in 30 degrees (centigrade) plus heat to buy two book shelves and a set of cupboards/shelves for our dining room.  We picked up lunch on the way home, watched a bit of The Animatrix and I had a client at 4. 

That was followed by sushi with some friends at a place where you sit at a counter with a conveyer belt that brings different plates of sushi around.  Each plate has a colour which correlates to the price for that dish and you just pick off what you want.  What then happens is that a guy at the shop adds up all the plates and prices and that is what you pay (together with drinks, of course).  The thing with this place is that while the food is pretty good, it has been set up in such a way as to get you seated and eating almost immediately and out of there pretty quickly.  That time of place isn’t really conducive to a night out so we wound up moving off to another spot nearby after supper for coffee/tea and cake.  Very relaxing though!

This morning I hit the shops for monthly groceries.  It has been a while since I went shopping for a month’s worth of food and supplies so I didn’t expect to spend what I did.  There really weren’t that many luxury or unnecessary items to inflate the price.  These exercises just seem to cost a whack.  Well, at least that is done and we now have food for the month.  Now we just need to make sure we don’t eat out much.  You do that too many times and it becomes really expensive.  We basically spent the rest of the day making lunch, watching a bit of The Matrix.  G has gone off to visit Sam and I am working on my Reiki manual and doing a couple other things while I am at it.  Tonight we hope to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.  Looks really cool!






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