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  I just read a post on about Nikita’s Gmail Invite contest and was inspired to offer a similar thing.  I have about 5 Gmail Invites which I am making available to 5 lucky people who mail me.  There is a catch and this is purely in aid of the people affected by the recent tsunami in South East Asia.  To receive a Gmail Invite, you must make a donation to one of the agencies providing disaster relief.  I see that Gmail Invites are going for about $1 per invite so the minimum donation is $1.  I propose that an auction be held and that the 5 highest donations will merit 1 Gmail Invite each.  To see a list of organisations you can make a donation to, visit the Tsunami Relief page on Google or visit sites such as or any number of sites participating in these necessary effort.  You have until midnight on 31 December 2005 (GMT  +02:00) to mail me with some form of confirmation of your donation together with the name you want me to use on the list I will post (see below). 

  I will pick the winners of the Gmail Invites and my decision will be final.  Even if you don’t get one, you will still be a winner because you will have contributed to this very worthy cause.  I will post a list of all the people who made donations together with the amount donated and the organisation the donation was made to (this may depend on how well I can code the post but at least the name and amount will be there) for greater transparency.  This is a voluntary effort on your part and in aid of the relief efforts so open your heart to this human cause.  No funny stuff please, this is in aid of charity.  I do not profit in any way except the warm feelings I get when I see people helping other people. 

  One important thing: Don’t participate if this is illegal where you are or live or if you are, in some way or for some reason, not permitted to participate in this effort.

This offer has obviously come to an end.  Sadly there was no response whatsoever to my proposal.  I am sure you all contributed to the relief efforts in your own way though.







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