Google Adsense

Well, I am pretty excited today. My request to participate in the Google Adsense program was approved and there is now a bar on the left (down a bit) with a series of ads for related services and sites. One of the main reasons I am so excited is just because I get to participate in something so cool in my humble estimation. I just love being involved in something so big and innovative and generally cool. It probably explains why I have my Gmail email account and went and upgraded my Yahoo! Mail account to Plus. If it is cool and new, I have this powerful desire to possess it or be part of it.

So please feel free to check out the ads and click on them if they appeal to you. You will be contributing to greater glee on my part and my general wellbeing!


By Paul

Enthusiast, writer, Happiness Engineer at Automattic. I take photos too. Passionate about my wife, Gina and #proudDad.

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