Wired relationships?

I was going to post something about this article I read on the Wired site. It was written by Regina Lynn who has a regular column for Wired every Friday titled “Sex Drive”. Anyway, her most recent post is about the importance of being connected when it comes to meeting people and developing relationships. Seems like you just can’t meet anyone and start a relationship unless you are online in one form or another, whether it be IM, chatting or (ho-hum) mail. I should have started an online dating site years ago, could have made a fortune. They are goldmines because there are so many people online looking for love/lust/sex/friends/whatever in a safe environment where you can maintain a degree of anonymity and distance.

When I think back to the “old days” (all of 4 years ago) I remember how people mostly adopted a persona when chatting online and when you actually met them it was as if you had met the shadow of the fabulous being at the other side of the connection. It was as if the anonymity of the chatroom made it somehow safer to interact more fully and when it came to face to face meetings, all that personality and vibe went right out the window leaving a husk in its place. It is ironic that the Net has connected us in so many ways and, at the same time, given us more opportunities to remain strangers.






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