Asleep in her lap … or not

Couldn’t resist this one. Got this story titled Japanese men lap up woman of foam from IOL:

Tokyo – Japanese men who want to rest their weary heads this Christmas season are finding comfort in the lap of a woman – made of foam.

The torso-less “lap pillow” stands upright like a small cushion and resembles a woman’s legs in a miniskirt.

“Single men find this soothing,” said Mitsuo Takahashi of the seven-employee manufacturer Trane KK.

“From the time people were kids, people have laid their heads on their mothers’ laps to get their ears cleaned,” he said. “This is made to be quite close to the real thing.”

So far the company has shipped about 3 000 of the sets of laps, which are retailing for ¥9 429 (about R500) including tax, Takahashi said.

The healing goods are also selling well as gag gifts for New Year’s parties, he said.






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