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Well, I am really impressed! I was reading an article by one of my new favs and I was going to post something about her new article when I noticed a mention of an IM client for mobile devices called Agile Messenger. I duly loaded the page and downloaded the version for my Nokia 6600 phone and I am very impressed. Here is the blurb about the Agile Messenger from their site:

Agile Messenger is the most feature rich and versatile Instant Messenger for mobile phones on the market today. Agile Messenger is used daily by over 400,000 users and has been perfected based on feature requests and feedback from tens of thousands of users. No other mobile Instant Messenger is as mature and reliable as Agile Messenger.

Agile Messenger is available for every networked hand held device that allows 3rd party software to be installed.

Supported platforms include:

  • Symbian Series 60
  • Symbian UIQ
  • Microsoft Smartphone
  • Microsoft Pocket PC
  • Palm OS 3.5+
  • J2ME
  • Brew
  • WAP

Agile Messenger Features:

  • sending and receiving instant messages
  • Push to Talk
  • Unicode and BIG5 support for international characters
  • split screen messaging interface
  • separate tabs for each conversation
  • conversation history
  • smiley support
  • automatic download and updating of the contact list
  • contact status information and presence management
  • adding, removing, renaming contacts
  • data usage counter
  • auto update downloader and installer
  • picture messaging with camera support
  • “Today” plug-in (PocketPC)

Instant Messaging services supported:

  • MSN®
  • AOL®
  • Yahoo!®
  • ICQ®
  • QQ®
  • Wireless Village™
I dig this one. I connected to MSN pretty quickly and the interface is really cool. I started a conversation with a friend and sent a couple messages to her. What is particularly nice about the interface is that you see one line of the conversation in your window, irrespective of the length of the message. When you scroll up over longer posts, they open up so you can read the full message. Nice space saving feature. I had a look at one of my preferred sites to see if they had a review. Unfortunately they don’t and only mention the software as an alternative to some other effort by Orange. You can run a Google Search for Agile Messenger and you’ll find a number of sites with handy info.






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