A new year begins …

Well, yesterday was my 29th birthday and the beginning of my 30th. It didn’t really feel like my birthday actually. It felt like an ordinary day even though I took the day off as I usually do for my birthdays. I remember from birthdays past that the day brings with it a special feeling where it is as if you are this being of light walking around and everyone senses that something is not quite as it normally is and can’t quite put their fingers on it. And you are the one with the big secret for the day. You are the special one and this is your special day. This year it felt like any Saturday or Sunday where I sometimes have a ‘me’ day and wander around a bookshop or sit and update my journal. That special feeling just wasn’t there.

It occurred to me that this feeling I was hoping for is a feeling that we could experience not just on our birthday but on all the other days of the year. Is this not a feeling we can experience all the days of our lives? Are we not magnificant beings of light and energy, truly special in our unique way? At the same time we are not special because if all beings are special and maginificant and parts of a greater whole, then no individual stands out as ‘more special’ than any other. We are all special and loved and supported and all we need do is recognise and experience that truth.

This sayeth the sage for the day …






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