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  • I just finished another of Alastair Reynolds’ books, the second Tom Dreyfus story titled “Elysium Fire“. I finished this one pretty quickly, considering that it took me a bit longer to get into the first book. If you enjoy Reynolds’ style of writing, this is well worth reading. I like how Reynolds’ books are a […]

  • I finished reading “The Prefect” by Alastair Reynolds yesterday. It took me a little while to get into the book, as is the case with many of his books. Once I did, though, I really enjoyed the book. It’s set some time in our future, around a planet called Yellowstone. It’s a detective story, with […]

  • Essential illustrated history of the Millennium Falcon

    This illustrated history of the Millennium Falcon is essential reading for Star Wars fans.

  • If you enjoyed The Expanse on TV, read the books

    I’ve been reading The Expanse book series by James S.A. Corey and enjoying them. I thought I’d share my reviews here as I go.

  • The story behind the Belter language in The Expanse

    One of the features of The Expanse is the Belter language or dialect which adds a whole dimension to the story that would ordinarily be lacking without it. Ars Technica interviewed the linguist who helped create the dialect used in the TV show.

  • “Meanwhile on Stargate, 95% of planets are Canada”

    I wanted to share a quote that made me laugh because it is so true: “Meanwhile on Stargate, 95% of planets are Canada.”