Build your own platform

Working at Wolves

I’m sorting through notes in my oversized Evernote inbox and I came across a quote from Rian van der Merwe’s article titled “How to do what you love, the right way” which I mentioned in my post about doing what you love a while ago. How often does doing what you love seem to translate automatically into…… Continue reading Build your own platform

Heading north on the Gautrain – part 2

As I wrote the other day, my wife and I took the train north for some family admin. I just finished processing my photos from the trip and I’m still a fan of Gautrain platforms and stations. Here are a couple of my photos from the album. I used the opportunity to experiment a little…… Continue reading Heading north on the Gautrain – part 2

An intriguing Uber platform play

Imagine Uber, the on demand driver service, that has been gaining traction here in South Africa wasn’t just about being able to call a car to get somewhere pretty much at a whim? What if that is just a proof of concept for a broader platform strategy? This thought came to me during my introductory…… Continue reading An intriguing Uber platform play