Life in the Time of Coronavirus

Our outing to Park Canada on Election Day.

We live in challenging times. Here in Israel we have the dual challenges of this new coronavirus, and having just had our third elections in the hope that our leaders will grow up, place Israel first, and form a sustainable government. Larger forces, and uncomfortable spaces The recent elections had been coming, so we knew…… Continue reading Life in the Time of Coronavirus

My letter to my Mom thanking her for what she did for me

Me and my Mom, probably sometime around early 1976 in Durban, South Africa

I was invited to write a letter to my Mom for Michal’s blog, AllThingsMomSydney. It was an opportunity to tell my Mom how much I appreciate what she did for me as a young parent still figuring it all out.

Build your own platform

Working at Wolves

I’m sorting through notes in my oversized Evernote inbox and I came across a quote from Rian van der Merwe’s article titled “How to do what you love, the right way” which I mentioned in my post about doing what you love a while ago. How often does doing what you love seem to translate automatically into…… Continue reading Build your own platform