The difference between failure and success when job hunting

Failure seems to define job hunting and it’s not hard to see why. Most of your applications will fail. At the same time, recognising the successes along the way could well determine whether you will survive the ordeal and achieve that ultimate success – a job.

Looking up

I was wondering around my usual haunt at lunchtime today and looked up and thought how spectacular the view was. It took a few moments for the right neurons to fire before I took out my camera and started shooting. I’ll share my DSLR photos soon. In the meantime, here is a preview. Processed with […]

My letter to my Mom thanking her for what she did for me

I was invited to write a letter to my Mom for Michal’s blog, AllThingsMomSydney. It was an opportunity to tell my Mom how much I appreciate what she did for me as a young parent still figuring it all out.

“The lens of our attention”

Another wonderful post by Seth Godin about perspective. I love his idea of the “lens of our attention”. Such an awesome way of visualising it that appeals to me as a photographer.

You can’t do great work until you love what you do

Om Malik published a short reminder of one of the many great quotes from the late Steve Jobs: The only way to do great work is to love what you do It reminds of the idea that doing the work you love is the path to meaning and fulfillment. Thanks Om!

Build your own platform

I’m sorting through notes in my oversized Evernote inbox and I came across a quote from Rian van der Merwe’s article titled “How to do what you love, the right way” which I mentioned in my post about doing what you love a while ago. How often does doing what you love seem to translate automatically into […]

Taking time for the meta stuff

I really like Caterina Fake‘s one tweet today: For every hour of making, spend an hour thinking, feeling and observing. — Caterina Fake (@Caterina) November 7, 2014 It is so easy to get caught up in work, work and work and to forget to take some time for a mental breather, the meta stuff and […]

Always be in beta

I just noticed this IBM SmarterWorkforce tweet and love it: Always be in beta. Always think of yourself as a work in progress. @tomfriedman #SHRM14 — IBM Watson Talent (@IBMWatsonTalent) June 23, 2014 If you are wondering about the woman in the photo, she is the inspirational Max Kaizen who I always think about when […]

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