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  • Taking time for the meta stuff

    Taking time for the meta stuff

    I really like Caterina Fake‘s one tweet today: For every hour of making, spend an hour thinking, feeling and observing. — Caterina Fake (@Caterina) November 7, 2014 It is so easy to get caught up in work, work and work and to forget to take some time for a mental breather, the meta stuff and…

  • Always be in beta

    I just noticed this IBM SmarterWorkforce tweet and love it: https://twitter.com/IBMSmtWorkforce/status/481071128040206338 If you are wondering about the woman in the photo, she is the inspirational Max Kaizen who I always think about when the topic of continuous improvement comes up.

  • Perspective on Silicon Valley

    Om Malik has a great post titled “Arista, Uber, Silicon Valley” which presents some much needed perspective on overhyped social companies by contrasting Uber with the less sexy Arista Networks. Worth a read: Last week, at least, to me was perfect illustration of how and what media perceives as technology. Everywhere you looked, you saw…

  • Conscious star stuff

    I love this description of us humans from the Cosmos series finale – star stuff contemplating the evolution of matter … I love this series and can’t wait to buy the whole thing. It apparently has another 2 hours of footage. Bliss! (Source: Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, episode 13)

  • Perspective has stepped out for the day

    Today has been a pretty dynamic (read: crazy) day. It began with news about Facebook’s insane (for so many reasons) $16bn acquisition of WhatsApp which Michael Jordaan put into great perspective with this tweet: Whatsapp just got sold to Facebook for $19 billion. That makes it more valuable than entire FirstRand. — Michael Jordaan (@MichaelJordaan)…

  • Howling sexism and feminist exaggeration

    If you haven’t read “Ramphele et al: The world according to angry feminists” in Daily Maverick, do yourself a favour and read it. Crying wolf would not matter if the wolf did not actually exist. The problem is that it does. That is why, when feminist activists pounce on the most flimsy evidence and strained…