Tag: outdoors

  • Light at the end of a short tunnel

    I went for a walk to do some shopping this morning. One of the cool benefits of our new city center is a convenient, short tunnel to the mall. It was nice to be out, roaming around the city a little, even with a mask taped to my face (it stops fogging up my sunglasses!). […]

  • Not sure who took who for a walk this morning

    I need to be more active. My Diabetes control has been pretty non-existent this year. Thankfully, my new Fitbit gives me an easy way to measure my (lack of) progress, and I’ve started making better use of short gaps in my daily schedule to get outside more often. I had an hour gap between shifts […]

  • It’s easy to get so caught up in work. I forget how nice it is to take a break, and head to the park towards the end of a day. 🌳 You’d think that I’d get out more given that I work from home, but I seem to do it less frequently.

  • Some random chair

    Some random chair

    I have no idea how this chair arrived here, in a nearby park, but I had to capture it before it moved on. Just another random item that makes life a little more interesting … Modiin-Maccabim-Reut, Center District, Israel

  • A passing view of Park Annabe

    I had a couple things to do in the city this morning and my route took me past Park Annabe, one of Modi’in’s central features. I was greeted with a pretty spectacular view and thought I’d share it.